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How much does it cost to use Tunezy?

Tunezy Team
posted this on November 12, 2012 10:12

Tunezy is free to use.  That means you can make a profile, put up items on the store, and share it all over the web without putting in a dime.  We only charge a very small fee if you make any sales:

  • 2% on Merchandise
  • 15% on Experiences
  • 25% on Virtual concerts

If you upgrade to our Partner plan ($5/month or $45/year), our fees drop even more:

  • NO fees on Merch
  • 10% on Experiences
  • 20% on Virtual concerts

Tunezy believes that the only people that matter in music and the musicians and their fans.  We pride ourselves on keeping our fees lower than our competitors, while providing a better service for everyone.  Are we a business?  Yes.  But our values and culture are to support the people that matter, not take advantage of them.